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    About Ethan Gilsdorf

    Ethan Gilsdorf in an appearance on the PBS Off Book web series.

    [click here for more author photos; Ethan Gilsdorf | Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks press kit; book jacket art, etc]

    Ethan Gilsdorf is a journalist, memoirist, critic, poet, teacher, performer and 17th level geek. 

    He is the author of the award-winning travel memoir investigation Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms.

    Trained as a Dungeon Master, dork and poet, Gilsdorf got his start in jounalism as a Paris-based travel writer and restaurant critic for Fodor's, Time Out and the Washington Post. Now, Gilsdorf primarily covers arts (with a focus on books and film); pop, gaming and geek culture; and media and technology, for the New York TimesNew York Times Book Review, Boston Globe, Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Magazine, Salon, BoingBoing,, USA Today, NPR/WBUR's Cognoscenti, and Wired. He has published hundreds of feature stories, essays, op-eds and reviews in dozens of other magazines, newspapers, literary magazines, websites, guidebooks, anthologies, textbooks and other publications worldwide.

    He has interviewed notable cultural figures such as Sir Ben Kingsley, John Cleese, Amy Poehler, Viggo Mortensen, Jason Segel, Stan Lee, Guillermo del Toro, George Romero, Jon Favreau, Cheryl Strayed, Junot Diaz, Steve Carell, Wil Wheaton, Nick Hornby, Andy Serkis, Seth Rogen, and Sister Helen Prejean, among others.  

    As an expert on geek culture and the media, Gilsdorf has been interviewed by and featured in radio, TV, podcasts, and print media outlets such as PBS Off Book, The Discovery Channel, the CBC, the BBC, the French TV network Arte,, several nationally-syndicated National Public Radio and PBS TV programs, documentary films, and publications in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, France and other countries. He lectures at universities, schools, libraries, film festivals, gaming conventions and book festivals worldwide. He has presented at TedX.

    He's also a regular presenter, performer, moderator and host for Mortified, Four Stories, PAX East, the Harvard Book Store, and has given hundreds of readings throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Middle-earth.

    Gilsorf has acted as a Hollywood extra, walked across Scotland, and worn a tunic for two weeks while camping with 12,000 medieval reenactors. His most challenging quest? Successfully drinking champagne with Kate Hudson. He is a lover of ELO and a hater of littering. He enjoys stamp collecting, long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. He is not into yoga. Sometimes he wears a tunic and chainmail, or these grampy pants.

    His fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in such literary magazines and journals as Poetry, The Southern Review, The Quarterly, Exquisite Corpse, The North American Review, and in several anthologies, and he has won the Hobblestock Peace Poetry Competition and was awarded the Esmé Bradberry Contemporary Poets Prize.

    Gilsdorf is co-founder of GrubStreet's Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP) and teaches creative writing and journalism workshops for adults at Grub Street, where he also serves on the Board of Directors. 

    He received his BA from Hampshire College, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University.

    Follow Ethan’s adventures at &; Facebook:; Twitter @ethanfreak.

    Ethan at True Grounds, his local cafe in Somerville, Mass

    Nice stuff people said:

    Ethan in the classroom."The hardest-working geek we know, Ethan Gilsdorf."—The Boston Phoenix 

    "Ethan Gilsdorf ... brings a bit of international cachet as well as a lively, engaging reading style ... he is known for an eloquent yet accessible fusion of the natural world and urban culture."—The Boston Globe

    "Boston nerdlord writer Ethan Gilsdorf"—The Quad

    "Somerville’s resident d20 dorkwad"—The Weekly Dig

    "Adorably amusing"—The 

    "[Gilsdorf] captivated the audience with his passionate, inflective reading"—The Somerville News

    "Ethan Gilsdorf strikes me as a poetic Henry James for the 21st century, the cosmopolitan American in Europe, casting a cold eye on the old and new worlds, and delivering an elegant retort to any suggestion that lyricism and wit cannot lie in the same bed. He is one of the best of a new generation of poets emerging now, and should be read."—Todd Swift, poet, author of Cafe Alibi, and editor of Short Fuse: The Global Anthology of New Fusion Poetry


    That's how I roll.


    Ethan Gilsdorf was born and raised in rural New Hampshire. After playing Dungeons & Dragons religiously in the 1970s and 1980s (he still plays the game), Ethan Gilsdorf eventually worked as a freelance correspondent, guidebook writer, travel writer and film, book and restaurant reviewer. He lived in Paris for five years before moving to the Boston area. He received his BA from Hampshire College, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Lousiana State University.

    Now based in Somerville, Massachusetts, he publishes travel, arts, and pop culture stories and essays regularly in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Magazine, Washington Post, Salon, BoingBoing and Wired. He is a book and film critic for the Boston Globe, the film columnist for Art New England, and a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics.

    Over the past 15 years, he has published hundreds of articles in dozens of other magazines, newspapers, websites and guidebooks worldwide, including Esquire, New York Times Book Review, Post RoadThe Chronicle of Higher Education,,, Playboy, National Geographic Traveler, Psychology Today, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Australian Financial Review, Adbusters, The Walrus (Toronto), The Globe and Mail (Toronto), The Citizen (Ottawa), The Sunday Post (Glasgow), Emirates Inflight Magazine, Sunday Times (Johannesburg) and elsewhere.

    In addition to being the author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, Gilsdorf has contributed to the several books, including the writing craft books Braving the Fire: A Guide to Writing About Grief and LossCreate Your Writer Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as an Author; the textbook Reading Culture: Contexts for Critical Reading and Writing (8th edition); the guidebooks New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the U.S.A. and Canada; Fodor's Paris; Fodor's France; Time Out Paris Eating and Drinking; and several poetry anthologies, including Outsiders: Poems about Rebels, Exiles, and Renegades; Radio Waves: Poems Celebrating the Wireless; Short Fuse: The Global Anthology of New Fusion Poetry; 100 Poets Against the War; In the Criminal's Cabinet: An Anthology of Poetry and Fiction; and Future Welcome: The Moosehead Anthology 10.

    Gilsdorf is the former bicycling culture columnist for the Boston Globe. He was a Paris hotel correspondent for Fodor's travel guides and a food and restaurant critic for Time Out. He also has contributed to, and Forces of Geek.

    He and author Noble Smith geek out and wax nostalgic about D&D and other nerdy pop culture relics at Dungeons & Dorkwards.

    To research various writing projects, Gilsdorf has interviewed Sir Ben Kingsley, John Cleese, Jason Segel, Cheryl Strayed, Junot Diaz, Stephin Merritt, Stan Lee, Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson, Steve Carell, Oscar Issac, James Gunn, Viggo Mortensen, Nick Hornby, Jon Favreau, Andy Serkis, Sister Helen Prejean, Wil Wheaton, Seth Rogen, Guillermo del Toro, David Carradine, George Romero, Chris Cooper, Luc Besson, Eliza Dushku, Amy Poehler, Richard Taylor, Bobby and Peter Farrelly, Ralph Bakshi, and Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, among other cultural figures. He has taste-tested caffeinated beer; acted as an Hollywood extra; and embarked on a quest for the perfect French fry. He has walked across Scotland, mountain biked the French Pyrenees, explored caves in New York State and backpacked through India, and consumed champagne with Kate Hudson. 

    Ethan at Quimby's bookstore, Chicago, book tour, 2009Gilsdorf has been a guest as a fantasy, gaming, geek culture and travel expert on radio and television programs, including: PBS Off Book; BBC radio; The Discovery Channel; the French TV channel Arte's documentary "La Revanche des Geeks" ("Revenge of the Geeks"); CBC's' "Definitely Not the Opera"; Public Radio International's "To the Best of Our Knowledge"; Air America's "Inside Story"; WGBH TV's Greater Boston; several nationally-syndicated National Public Radio programs including "Around And About," Wisconsin Public Radio, WAMC (NY)'s "Roundtable"; WBUR's "Morning Edition," "Radio Boston" and "All Things Considered," WGBH radio's Calley Crossley Show and Boston Public Radio; and, as a travel video correspondent. He has also appeared on numerous podcasts and web radio programs and has been interviewed for various documentary films. As a featured guest and speaker, he has appeared at events such as Switzerland's Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, and at conventions such as AWP, PAX East, Gen Con, DragonCon, Boskone, Arisia, Boston Festival of Independent Games, TotalCon, and SnowCon.

    He has performed his poetry, fiction, nonfiction and comedy at several reading series and venues such as Mortified, Nerd Nite, Four Stories, Funny as a Crutch, and Harvard Book Store. A frequent commentator on Boston’s NPR affiliate WBUR, he has given hundreds of readings and performances in bookstores, bars, libraries and cafes throughout the U.S., Canada, as well as in Paris, London, Puerto Rico and Middle-earth.

    Gilsdorf has given lectures at universities such as Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, Louisiana State University, Bryn Mawr, and the University of Southern California, and read at book festivals and libraries nationwide including the Boston Public Library, Fayetteville (AR) Public Library, the Boston Book Festival, Decatur Book Festival (Atlanta), Brooklyn Book Festival and the Twin Cities Book Festival (Minneapolis). 

    He has received fellowships and residencies from the Somerville Arts Council (twice), Vermont Studio Center, Millay Colony for the Arts and the Hall Farm Arts Center. He was named Somervile Artist of the Month for January 2014.

    As a poet, he is the winner of the Hobblestock Peace Poetry Competition and the Esme Bradberry Contemporary Poets Prize, and has published poems in Poetry, The Southern Review, The North American Review, Exquisite Corpse and several anthologies.

    He is co-founder of Grub Street's Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP), volunteers as a guest speaker in the Boston Public Schools and leads memoir, narrative non-fiction, journalism, travel writing and creative writing workshops at Grub Street, Emerson College, Media Bistro and, for younger students, in schools and community centers, including the Somerville Public Library. 

    He serves on the Board of Directors of Grub Street, a non-profit creative writing center dedicated to nurturing writers and connecting readers with the wealth of writing talent in the Boston area. He has also served in the Boston Book Festival Program Committee, the Literature Panel of the Somerville Arts Council, The Arts Council of Windham County (VT), and was a founding member of Poets for Peace (Paris).

    Over his working life, he's been employed as a dump truck driver, a movie projectionist, a landscaper, an A/V nerd, a bookseller and a landfill manager. 

    Ethan performing at Mortified, Cambridge, Mass.About Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks

    The Huffington Post calls his book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks “part personal odyssey, part medieval mid-life crisis, and part wide-ranging survey of all things freaky and geeky." National Public Radio described the book as "Lord of the Rings meets Jack Kerouac’s On the Road" and proclaimed, “For anyone who has ever spent time within imaginary realms, the book will speak volumes.” It was named a Must-Read Book by the Massachusetts Book Awards.

    To research Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, Gilsdorf traveled from Boston to England, France to New Zealand, Planet Earth to the realm of Aggramar. He hung out with Harry Potter tribute bands, attended fan conventions and gaming tournaments, camped with 12,000 medieval reenactors for a week, sewed his own tunic, learned to sword fight (badly), battled online goblins and trolls, and played Dungeons & Dragons again for the first time in 25 years. He does not own elf ears, but he has kept all his old D&D gear, and has been known to host a Lord of the Rings party or two.

    Follow Ethan’s adventures at &; Facebook:; Twitter: "ethanfreak"