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    >My new video "A HARD DAY'S KNIGHT," in which I don chain mail to find glory, donuts and spare change for my quest. BIGGER SCREEN ON YOU TUBE

    CLASSIC BOOK trailer! [bigger screen on YouTube]

    more videos here

    Hire Ethan!

    Ethan reads. Sometimes he wears these grampy pants.Ethan geeking out with school kids in New Hampshire. Yes, I will wear chainmail.

    Ethan teaching a writing seminar at Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace conference, Boston.










    I love to teach, talk, and geek out with people, and inspire them to be creative, to write, and to commune with their inner geeks.

    I've appeared at conventions like Pax East, Gen Con and DragonCon; read at book festivals in Atlanta, Brooklyn and Boston; spoken at universities like Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, Bryn Mawr and LSU; performed my poetry in Paris, London, and Los Angeles; and appeared at dozens of bookstores, book groups, high schools, libraries, and other venues. 

    If your bookstore, library, book group, writer's festival, college/university, high school, club, game shop, convention, bar, cafe, mother, etc. would like to book me to give a talk, slide-lecture, organize a discussion, teach a writing class, or have me moderate a panel or Q&A, I am a hired gun looking for a microphone to speak into and some dice to roll. 

    I'm often teaching writing classes in Boston --- creative nonfiction, memoir, personal essay, freelance writing, op-eds, marketing --- and sometimes I offer classes and workshops elsewhere, and online. For a schedule of classes I'm already teaching, see this.

    If you'd like to hire me to work with you on your writing projects in a private consultation as a Personal Coach and Manuscript Editor, or for me to 
    lead a writing workshop, give a talk (about writing, gaming, or geek culture), or teach your students, group or corporate team how to play Dungeons & Dragons, contact me here for b
    ooking, rates and program details.

    Below are some of the events I can happily bring to your lecture hall, writing class or dungeon. Custom topics and talks are also possible.

    Custom topics and talks are also possible.

    I look forward to working with you!

    D&D saved my life. I wish I could say the same thing for my hair stylist.

    Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, The Lecture:
    An overview of my award-winning book, with a reading, and (if you want) a slide-lecture that encapsulates my journey into fantasy and gaming subcultures (D&D, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, medieval re-enactors), explains the appeal of these fantasy worlds, and my own journey to accept my inner geek.

    How Dungeons & Dragons Saved My Life:
    An inspiring talk about my personal history playing D&D and other role-playing games, and how they influenced me, changed my life, and helped me become a creative, socialized, and (mostly) full-adjusted human being I am today. With images from my personal gaming collection and the history of role-playing games.

    A group of newbies playing D&D at Bryn Mawr College. In three hours, Ethan taught them to play characters, roll dice, and have a kick-orc time.I've Always Wanted to Play D&D, But ... A Three-Hour Fantasy Role-Playing Game Experience:
    Using a quick-start method and simplified version of the rules, I've developed a 3 to 5 hour D&D experience that even non-nerds can understand. In one session, you and your pals can play characters, go on an adventure, solve problems and defeat evil in your unique way, help tell a memorable story -- and have a great time. Doritos and Mountain Dew can be arranged.

    Writing Workshops:
    Teen Writing Adventure (three-hour or day-long writing classes for kids); Adult Writing Bootcamps (same thing for adults: fiction, nonfiction, poetry); How to Be a Freelance Writer (Tips, strategies and craft basics for writing articles, essays and op-ed for publication)

    Personal Coaching and Manuscript Editing:
    I have more than 15 years experience as a freelance writer and teacher of writing. I'm available for editing, consulting, and coaching (and butt kicking), and to help guide and provide feedback for anyone out there working in nonfiction, essay, op-ed, personal essay, memoir, poetry and fiction. I also consult on book promotion.