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    interview on CBC's "Definitely Not the Opera" 

    "Brace for the fantasy reality collision" on CBC's "Definitely Not the Opera" 02/11/2011

    What happens when our fantasies collide with reality? This week, we turn it over to the beautiful dreamers... and the hard-nosed realists... and everyone in between.

    Read on to find out who's on the show, get links to our guests, and see this week's music playlist. You can also listen to the podcast by clicking the player below (or download it from our website, or get the chaptered "enhanced" version from iTunes).

    Listen here

    Guests include:

    >Dr. Ronald Mallett - respected physicist, professor, and a man with a dream: unlocking the secrets of time travel. 

    >award-winning writer and essayist Adam Gopnik. He'll tell us what the fantastical world of Charlie Ravioli taught him about his own life.  

    >So kids have an active fantasy life... but why are adults so much more reluctant to talk about their imaginary worlds? Host Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street to find out.  

    >"Geeks," "nerds," "fanboys" - call them what you will, they're often accused of using fantasy to escape the real world. Journalist Ethan Gilsdorf  wanted to get to the bottom of "geek culture" - so he set off on a quest to talk with geeks from all walks of life. It's a journey he chronicles in his book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms. But the catch is, Ethan wasn't just a casual observer... he is a self-professed geek. He'll tell us what he learned about the culture - and himself - on his quest.Lots of people have a "rock star" fantasy - but Sara Quinn, of Tegan and Sara, is living the dream. She'll tell us about the reality of rock n' roll fantasy, and what happened when she got to live out one of her own fantasies. 

    >But sometimes, their fantasy lives can cause trouble in the real world. Diane Flacks has dealt with this herself. 

    >After training as an opera singer in Montreal, and spending time immersed in the opera world of New York, Bremner Duthie packed up his bags and headed to Europe to become a star. Using Paris as his home base, Bremner headed to London for a few months to look for work in musical theatre. Things got off to a slow start, until one afternoon when he was scheduled to audition for a certain Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber...

    >Lots of people fantasize that a whole new "you" is as easy as getting on a plane and travelling to a whole new country. But as a nine-year old, Habiba Nosheen discovered reality is waiting for you wherever you touch down...

    >Holly Luhning spends a lot of her time in that strange space where our fantasy worlds and our real worlds overlap. Holly is a scholar and a writer, and she's just published her first novel - a psychological thriller called Quiver.

    >Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan in the 1940s, Jean Freeman discovered the world of pen pals, which really set her imagination on fire... and opened the door to a complicated fantasy world.



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